1 Gallon kit GatorGlide G2 up to 195 sq ft


Roll or spray GatorGlide G2 for a 3 to 4 mil dry or 6 to 8 wet mil coating. Roll or spray in two or three increments to avoid sagging if a heavier deposit is required. Apply the last coat as a thin 2 to 3 mil dry coating to obtain the best smoothness and abrasion resistance. If poor wetting occurs while applying GatorGlide coatings, then lightly roughen the dry GatorGlide surface with 400 grit sandpaper prior to top-coating. Make sure the surface temperature is above 40°F and the relative humidity is below 90% before coating. Allow at least 48 hours and ideally one week of curing before putting into service. Post heating at elevated temperatures will speed up curing and improve the abrasion resistance. Do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning GatorGlide surfaces, a simple hand wipe or a light scrape is adequate for removing marine growth. If the GatorGlide surface has become damaged or has excessive wear, then an occasional touch up may be required. This can be achieved by simply rolling or spraying 1 to 3 mils of the GatorGlide G2 over the existing GatorGlide surface and allowing it to cure for at least 24 hours prior to putting it back in service.

Caution - Extremely Slippery -care must be followed when walking on this surface to prevent slipping  

1 Gallon kit GatorGlide G2 up to 195 sq ft
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